OT: Apple LWPro parallel port?

From: Mike Ford <mikeford_at_socal.rr.com>
Date: Fri Mar 30 05:51:59 2001

>--- Mike Ford <mikeford_at_socal.rr.com> wrote:
>> BTW I have many of the little ethernet to localtalk boxes, price varies
>> from $15 to $30 dependingon the flavor.
>I take it you resolved the issue of ROM code, driver software, etc. I still
>have that Fastpath4 sitting idle, waiting for the chance to put it to use.
>Any pointers on how to get it up and active?


The FastPath is the most powerfull of the boxes that I know of, supporting
the bridging of a complete localtalk LAN to a ethernet network, with both
Appletalk and TCP/IP support among other features. You have to spend some
time with the documentation from the FTP site. I haven't done it myself,
and it clearly has a bit of a curve to it, so I don't recommend it to the
casual user. If you want to support some IIgs Apples, or use the TCP/IP
encapsulation, there are few other options.

For just a printer something like the AsantePrint or DaynaPrint is a better
option. Farallon stuff is also very nice, but does carry a bit of a premium
mostly due to the etherwave convience (allows daisychain connection without
another hub port).

Shiva bought Kinetics, Intel bought Shiva, but many support files still
exist at


Personally I recommend downloading EVERYTHING, read some of the support
docs, then look around the Intel site for anything else you can find
related. Anybody know some good network books that include setting up the
FastPath or other router type boxes?

Much of what seems very hard to me personally I think is just my general
lack of network specifics. If you have some network admin experience my
guess is that its a lot more of just fill in the boxes, where for me its
what the heck is that box.

A few things I have learned.
The administrator software is a bit fussy about which OS and network
software the mac it runs on is using. OS 7.0 I think is too early, or needs
something added, and open transport is too new. Once the FastPath is
configured though, its a pure network device, ie it doesn't give a rats
opinion on what is using the network, everything is just addresses, zones,
nodes, etc. so no special software is required on any of the machines on
the network EXCEPT for a mac to run the admin on and make changes. When I
get it sorted out on my own, I do plan to write up what I learn for a basic
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