D connector tirade (NeXT mono monitor cables?)

From: Mark Tapley <mtapley_at_swri.edu>
Date: Fri Mar 30 08:46:44 2001

>Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 10:55:31 -0800 (PST)
>From: "Eric J. Korpela" <korpela_at_ellie.ssl.berkeley.edu>
>Subject: D connector tirade (was: Re: Age-old ethernet equipment)
>The standard options I'm aware of are:
>DE-9, DA-15, DB-25, DC-37, DD-50, DE-15, DA-26, DB-44, DC-62, DE-78,
>and the occasional 2DE-19 and 2DB-52. Those 19 pin "D style" connectors
>that Apple, Atari & NeXT were so fond of don't really count because
>they were really just an attempt to force people to buy branded

        This has been bugging me for a while. NeXT mono monitor cables have
a D connector with 19 pins at either end. They are (apparently) in pretty
short supply relative to mono NeXT systems. Does anyone know the real
designation for those connectors, and whether it's practical to think about
building substitute cables?
        I'm still worried that this issue may become particularly relevant
Sunday evening when Curt unloads his $1k stack of NeXT systems.
                                                        - Mark
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