Crystal Radios (was Re: List spammer ID'd)

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Fri Mar 30 09:39:22 2001

Well, if the purpose of the crystal + (what we used was a safety-pin) is to
function as a diode, then is it still a crystal radio if a diode is used


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> > When I built mine, we (the CubScout pack) used toilet paper roll cores which
> > varnished and then applied our magnet wire. We even went rock hunting to
> > galena crystals to use. I don't remember any sort of diode ... there
> > been one, though ... that was nearly 50 years ago, after all.
> The galena + catswhisker is a (poor-quality) diode.
> My suggestion to use a ready-made diode (in the UK I'd use something like
> an OA81) is that you know that diode is good. You can then wind the coil
> and wire up the rest of the set, knowing that if it doesn't work the
> problem is not due to the fact you've not found a spot of the right
> impurities in the crystal. When you've got it working, you can then swap
> the diode for the crystal and catswhisker, knowing that if it doesn't
> work the problem is with that.
> Otherwise there are too many variables IMHO.
> -tony
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