VaxServer 3100 and VT340 terminal

From: Chad Fernandez <>
Date: Fri Mar 30 15:16:16 2001

Hello Chuck,

Chuck McManis wrote:
> Can you be a bit more specific? Presumably your VT320 lights up the "VT320
> OK" message after powering on and you can get into and out of SETUP using
> the F3 key on the keyboard right?


> If so make sure you communication settings are 9600 baud, 8 data bits, and
> one stop bit.
> *IMPORTANT* you need to go to the directory and select 'SAVE' and press the
> keypad enter key (the term will say "done") in order to keep the setting
> across power cycles.

Ok, I wondered how to save this. Most everything was already setup for
me already, However.

> If you're VT320 has the RS232 option (this is indicated by a DB25 connector
> on the back) then make sure that it is set to DEC-423 as its communication
> port.

Mine doesn't have the the rs232 option.

> Next be sure you're plugging into the port with the back to back arrows
> over it, not the printer port.

Ok here.

> Next go into setup and turn on local echo, then back out of setup and type
> on the keyboard and verify that the results show up on screen.

Ok, I'll have to turn local echo on.

> Now hook up to the console port on the 3400, and set the panel to 'halt on
> break' mode (see my web page
> :<> for a picture of
> your front panel, there is a legend near the bottom of the page)
> Do you see the power on message? You should get a count down on the
> terminal and it should stop with the >>> prompt.

I get number flashing on the panel, but nothing on the terminal, as of
last night.

> If you don't see anything, then turn off the 3400 and remove the console
> panel (two captive screws do it) and look at the dial switch inside to
> verify that _it_ is set for 9600 baud and that the plug to the CPU card is
> correctly seated.

I just recently started messing with this. I think it is at 2400
currently. I'll check it.

> At this point you will have something on the VT320 or you'll know what part
> of your system is broken :-)

I hope nothing broken! I'll go over your list of things and get back
with you.

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA
Received on Fri Mar 30 2001 - 15:16:16 BST

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