Amiga questions

From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Fri Mar 30 15:57:29 2001

Ethan Dicks skrev:

>> On the hardware side of things, someone said the 1200's IDE controller is
>> basically unbuffered I/O straight to the CPU (which sounds possible
>> certainly with IDE) and so it's real easy to toast things - is that true?

>It's true. In general, IDE tends to be a fairly raw interface, although as
>machines have evolved, it's not as raw as back in the 386 days.

It's worth pointing out that the A4000 was buffered, though. There are
buffered IDE multiplexers abvailable so that one might add four ATAPI devices
at once. I've got an unbuffered one on the 4000, though I've since removed the
three sub-gigabyte drives with a single bigger one.

>> What are the options of networking a '1200 (ideally TCP/IP stack on the
>> Amiga, using SLIP or something to a Unix box maybe? Are there things around
>> that allow this, with NFS mounting of drives for data copying?)

>Since I've never owned as 1200, I can't speak to the myriad of hardware
>options, but there are TCP/IP stacks for AmigaDOS and clients such as
>NFS clients, Web Browsers, Samba servers. If you want the storage on the
>UNIX box to be accessible by the Amiga, NFS is a good way to go. If you
>want the other way around, Samba fits the bill. I do not know if there is
>a freeware implementation of NFS Server for AmigaDOS (there was at least
>one commercial one)

There is a free NFS server port on Aminet,
I'd probably go with that in a UNIX environment, though it seems to have a
tendency to fluctuate in speed a lot. I suspect this has got something to do
with the virtual inode which it goes about creating, but suddenly performance
drops a whole lot and drive activity gets quite intense.

BTW, I got my first Speccy today! Can't wait to see if it's a 48K or 16K
version. Now I only have to get one of those cassette recorders. =)

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