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From: Gareth Knight <>
Date: Sat Mar 31 04:58:40 2001

Ethan Dicks wrote:
> AFAIK, yes. The A600 was available with and without drives and ISTR the
> ROMs were different, but I've owned just about every other model than that
> and can't comment from personal experience.

Yep. Every A1200 came with an IDE interface.

> There are no inbuilt _intentional_ (i.e., marketing driven) size
> beyond the usual sorts of things one gets trying to bolt a drive onto a
> year-old system that never conceived of a monsterous storage device. I
> there is a general 4Gb limit on disks, SCSI or IDE. I know there is an
> with the FFS and number of blocks in the device. I have personally never
> anything over 4Gb on an Amiga, but have had lots of luck with 20Mb on up
> 1Gb.

The 4Gb problem can be bypassed by purchasing AmigaOS 3.5 /3.9.

> The 2.5" connector provides power as well as data. If you address that
> yes, you can use an adapter to hook a 3.5" device (or 5.25", like a
> to your A1200.

The 3.5" hard disk on my A1200 takes power from the disk drive.

> > On the hardware side of things, someone said the 1200's IDE controller
> > basically unbuffered I/O straight to the CPU (which sounds possible
> > certainly with IDE) and so it's real easy to toast things - is that

Eyetech and several other manufacturers sell a 4-way buffered IDE adaptor.
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