Apple LWPro parallel port?

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Fri Mar 30 17:25:41 2001

>Mike Ford skrev:
>>>>Outrageous, that must be what, $25 retail of ram they are wasting.
>>>Who bloody cares? And since when could you get 128MB SIMMs at 25$?
>>Take a look on any price search engine, ie and
>>you will find plenty of sources of lifetime warranty PC133 256 MB modules
>>for less than $50.
>128 MB 72-pin SIMMs?

Machines that use 72 pin simms are obsolete.

Couple months ago I bought 10 lbs of 72 pin simms, nothing bigger than 8
MB, 99% 4 MB, and those are likely the last I will EVER buy. The low price
of new memory vs the still very high price of older memory has really
killed my interest in memory upgrades for the old hardware. 64 MB DIMMs for
my Starmax are $150 each, and for $300 I can buy 512 MB of PC133 ram, a
nice motherboard, and a Tbird cpu that will clock easily over 1 Ghz. Same
goes for SCSI drives, except the weird old workstation stuff I pick up

Of course I will continue to use a lot of my old hardware, but the OS etc.
has got to live with a memory diet. Fortunately a lot of it is very happy
with a 4 mb simm in each slot.
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