Apple LWPro parallel port?

From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Fri Mar 30 20:35:00 2001

Mike Ford skrev:

>>Mike Ford skrev:
>>>>>Outrageous, that must be what, $25 retail of ram they are wasting.
>>>>Who bloody cares? And since when could you get 128MB SIMMs at 25$?
>>>Take a look on any price search engine, ie and
>>>you will find plenty of sources of lifetime warranty PC133 256 MB modules
>>>for less than $50.
>>128 MB 72-pin SIMMs?

>Machines that use 72 pin simms are obsolete.

Only because you and Microsoft say so.

>Couple months ago I bought 10 lbs of 72 pin simms, nothing bigger than 8
>MB, 99% 4 MB, and those are likely the last I will EVER buy. The low price
>of new memory vs the still very high price of older memory has really
>killed my interest in memory upgrades for the old hardware. 64 MB DIMMs for
>my Starmax are $150 each, and for $300 I can buy 512 MB of PC133 ram, a
>nice motherboard, and a Tbird cpu that will clock easily over 1 Ghz. Same
>goes for SCSI drives, except the weird old workstation stuff I pick up

Got to love capitalism.

>Of course I will continue to use a lot of my old hardware, but the OS etc.
>has got to live with a memory diet. Fortunately a lot of it is very happy
>with a 4 mb simm in each slot.

If only more software were that.

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