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On 28-Mar-2001 Jason McBrien wrote:
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>> I had to take an
>> old phone along to show how it would fit, because no-one
>> would imagine that now, with all phones being different
>> sizes.
> I've got one of those! I've been scouring salvation armys for old style
> phones for years. I miss those things, they weighed a ton, you knew when
> you were holding one in your hands..

I spent a few months looking for an old black standard bell phone, from
back in the days that bell canada required you rent phones from them.
Finaly picked one up that someone had tossed into the garbage, fully
functionnal (though the finish is a bit messed) It was to replace the one
I had that got very smashed up (under embarrassing circumstances).

This fone is in the living room and is plugged in and usable. Why?
Short story : I was at a party a few years back. A riotous party of the
halloween sort. I wanted to call up a friend and the only phone in the
place had a rotary dial. What with my unfamiliarity with the number i was
phoning, certain substances that were coursing through my metabolism
(ahem) and the fact I was out of practice with rotary dial, I was unable
to compose the number. Since then, I've made sure to have a rotary dial
in the house and use it, for "practice".

I just wish I had a red version of this phone..... "I'll call them on the
Red Phone." :-)

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