SparcServer 1000

From: R. D. Davis <>
Date: Sat Mar 31 21:49:17 2001

On Sat, 31 Mar 2001, r. 'bear' stricklin wrote:
> Those are the XDBus boards, identifying which won't tell you much. The
> processor modules plug into the MBus. They're likely to be dual 50 MHz
> modules, either with 1 MB secondary cache, or without. Find the part
> number for the MBus modules and we can tell you more.

Thanks for the help with this!

Hmmm, it now appears that I have merely a three CPU system, not
an eight CPU system. :-( Ah well. Here's some more info:

- One of the FRUs has what I'm guessing to be a single older CPU
module with a TMX390Z50GF (SuperSparc CPU?) and a TMX390Z55GF, which
I'm guessing to be the SuperSparc cache controller---guessing by
what's marked on that IC's heat sink.

- The other FRU has what appears to be newer CPU modules, and these
modules use a single larger heat sink for both of the larger ICs. In
addition, each of these modules has a fuse and a newer style
xtal. osc., also apparently 50MHz. The numbers on the ICs are
different as well, each having a TMX390Z52GF (SuperSparc CPU?) and a
TMX390Z56GF (cache controller?).

None of the above modules have what appaars to be a typical Sun part
number; I noticed "2617-01 R5V54" marked on a sticker on one of the

Also found four 1.2 GB hard drives, two of which will be used up by

> Nah, your U1 is likely to be a whole lot faster in nearly every respect,
> especially if it's the Enterprise 170, with its 100 Mbit ethernet and

Rats... the U1 is not nearly as interesting looking compared to the SS
1000, and it's so much smaller... and only a single CPU. :-) Of
course, it's surely faster than my 4/110. As this has four 1.2 GB
disks in it, I guess it would be reasonable replacement for the 4/110
and it's stack of four shoeboxes with hard drives... although I really
do hate to retire the 4/110. Perhaps I should just trim the 4/110
system back to one hard drive, tape drive and CD-ROM drive, and then
revive my 3/60 using a then spare shoebox. :-)

> fast/wide SCSI. The SS1000 will continue to perform under a much heavier
> load, though, if it does indeed have 8 CPUs. Same caveats with any SMP
> system. The SM51 isn't a slouch, but it is old and comparatively slow.

Alas, only three CPUs it seems.

> Total memory in the system and is installed in matched sets of four
> modules. Traditionally, modules for this system were available in 8 and 32
> MB sizes.

Yeeeehaw!!! I've got the 32MB variety! :-) Well, now it appears that
this machine has at least a fair amount of memory, as there are 12 of
the 32MB modules on each FRU, which amounts to a total of 768 MB of
total RAM... with that much RAM, is it still standard to use double
the amount of RAM for swap as a rule of thumb?

> Solaris support for the sun4d first appeared in Solaris 2.2 and is
> supported in Solaris 8, but "will be dropped any day now".

Well, as long as I can install Solaris 8 for now, I'll be happy.

> I think this machine is off topic for the list, though, by about two
> years. (;

Oops... I guess this thread needs to be put on hold for a couple of
years. :-) ...unless, of course, my mention of the 4/110 and 3/60
count. :-)

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