SparcServer 1000

From: r. 'bear' stricklin <>
Date: Sat Mar 31 21:59:57 2001

On Sat, 31 Mar 2001, R. D. Davis wrote:

> - One of the FRUs has what I'm guessing to be a single older CPU
> - The other FRU has what appears to be newer CPU modules, and these

Sounds like three SM51 modules to me.

> Also found four 1.2 GB hard drives, two of which will be used up by
> Solaris.

1.2 GB.. those would be ST31200N drives, then? Bad news, if you've got
drives to replace them, I'd say do it. Every time we power off one of our
few remaining SSA110s (which are full of those disks), we have about a 50%
chance that one or more disks will never spin back up again.

I HATE those disks.

> Alas, only three CPUs it seems.

Still not too bad.

> Yeeeehaw!!! I've got the 32MB variety! :-) Well, now it appears that
> this machine has at least a fair amount of memory, as there are 12 of
> the 32MB modules on each FRU, which amounts to a total of 768 MB of
> total RAM... with that much RAM, is it still standard to use double
> the amount of RAM for swap as a rule of thumb?

Yes, usually machines with that much RAM are solving problems which
require lots and lots and lots of memory. (:

On the Suns I manage, we do double physical RAM unless some beancounter
horribly overspecified the system on the PO. Never do less than 125%
physical, or else you can run into trouble with savecore if the machine
ever crashes. The biggest system I've ever managed had 48 GB RAM and 250
GB or so of swap---and was appropriately sized for the task. That was in
the data warehouse at I think my NDA is up by now and they've
probably changed things enough that I can talk about it.

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