Unsing other Tapedrive instead of TK50

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Date: Mon Oct 1 03:34:47 2001

On 1 Oct, lothar felten wrote:

> i?ve got a VaxStation M38 with harddisk, but is has no drives. the
> NetBSD-Install-HowTo says how to make boot-tapes (TK50). i could make a boot
> tape with my (ix86) NetBSD computer,
Use your x86 machine for diskless boot server. A net boot HowTo is at:
And for any problems regarding NetBSD on VAXen ask at the NetBSD port-vax
mailinglist. There are more experts for this particular hard-/software
combination. (Although many port-vax readers are also on classiccmp.
;-) )

> i also have an PDP-11/73,
> on a wbsite i found BSD 2.11 should run on this
> pdp-11, but is it free?
2.11BSD will run on a 11/73. You need a free licence from SCO / Caldera
/ who ever owns the stuf now. Have a look at
If you got your licence you can request a copy of the PUPS / TUHS
archive. Some PUPS volunteers are also able make TK50 boot tapes. (At
least I will do for requests in Germany.)
Homepage: http://www.unixag-kl.fh-kl.de/~jkunz/
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