Osborne/Kaypro disk help needed

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net>
Date: Mon Oct 1 07:51:47 2001


    1. Are you sure that your Oz will only read single density? Most of the
ones that I've found have been upgraded to read both SD and DD.

   2. I have some Oz disks that I think are single density. I'll bring them
over when I come. If you find something that will copy/create SD disks let
me know!


At 11:59 PM 9/30/01 -0400, you wrote:
>I snagged a very clean Osborne at the Junk Fest today but no disks. I
>thought I could use 22disk on my Wintel box but then found out the Oz is
>single density and this Wintel box won't write single-density. Okay, so I
>can use MFDISK10 on my Kaypro 10 to generate a bootable Oz, disk right?
>Well, MFDISK10 is missing in action. Hmm. So I found and downloaded
>MFDISK10 from the 'net, put it on a Kaypro disk, ran the program, and got
>as far as "use the arrow keys to move around," but the arrow keys do not
>move the cursor, so I am unable to select a disk type from the menu. Hmm.
>Broken arrow keys? So, I fired up WordStar and the arrow keys work fine in
>So, I need help in either:
>1 -- finding out why the arrow keys don't work in MFDISK10
>2 -- getting some other program to run on my Kaypro which will create Oz
>3 -- obtaining some Osborne disks (last choice)
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