DEC 21064 (was RE: Still looking)

From: David Woyciesjes <>
Date: Mon Oct 1 11:00:47 2001

! The 21064 should work in a PC64 and the 21164 should work in either an
! EB164 or PC164. I've got extra PC64, EB164, and PC164
! motherboards but
! you're overseas so finding one nearer to you would probably
! be cheaper.
! --
! Eric Dittman

Eric ---
        Here's a copy of a message I sent out a little while ago, didn't get
any real info responses... If my procs would work in the PC64, could I get
my hands on one (or two)? Would the PC64 fit in the AS200 case? If you have
any other info too, that would be appreciated. THanks in advance...

... I have here a pair of EV4 21064 200MHz CPUs, p/n 21-35023-21.
One was from an AlphaStation 200 4/100, (dead power supply, m/b
 seems to be dead), apparently an upgrade...
        I was wondering if there is a dual-processor motherboard I could use
these on (and where to find one), or what other machines I could use them
        In my DEC3000 System Programmer's Reference, it says the DEC
3000/500X uses the 200MHz 21064. I assume this is the same (as I have
above). If so, I could bump my 3000/400 from 133 MHz to 200MHz, right?
Would any jumpers need to be changed?

        But a dual 200MHz motherboard would be a little more fun...

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