Leverage Host Software for VMS

From: Curt Vendel <curt_at_atari-history.com>
Date: Mon Oct 1 12:51:57 2001

Hi All....

   I'm in the process of cleaning and packing to move. I located a
software package I used to use about 6 years ago called Leverage Host. It
is a software package for VMS 5.5.2 and higher that allows a VMS server to
look and act like a Novell 3.12 fileserver to clients connected to it over
Ethernet. Its a really great package and comes in excpetionally handy if
you need to migrate VMS files off of a server and save it to a PC and to
pull files from the Internet to a PC, then copy them over to the VMS server
if it doesn't have TCP/IP installed.

   This is a complete package, all original manuals, the license key and the
media is only on CDROM, I don't know what ever happened to the TK tape.

   If anyone is interested, $25 plus shipping.

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