Central Florida Junk Fest report.

From: Mike <dogas_at_bellsouth.net>
Date: Mon Oct 1 16:06:15 2001

It was small. Myself and 4 other people came with loads of classic computers
and I had a fun morning with the similarly afflicted. Nice seeing y'all!

I scored a tonne of stuff including:

    Dolphin BRD FDC-78 computer w/2 8" Drives & software
    Several EXORcisor boards including:
        3 x Micromodule 2 cpus
        Moto Stand Alone Computer
        a few Moto memory boards
    TRS-80 Model 4 128k and software
        Computer News 80 1- 17
    TRS-80 Model 100
    TRS-80 Model 102
        with that funky little Holmes interface Joe talked about earlier
    Boxed Vic-20
    Prolog M823 6800 System Analyzer
    Tektronics 1750a Emulator Card and VMS support software
    First Macintosh Portable with a nice Apple Case
    Old timey Televideo 950 Terminal
    Micro Design MDX-2 Expansion Interface for TRS-80 Model 1
    Tektronics probe panel for my 8002a
    my Exidy Sorcerer II mb (loaner returned while there...)
    Books including:
        AMD 2900 Family products
        Microcomputer Systems Principles Featuring the 6502/Kim
        TAB's Computer Technician's Handbook
        z-80 and 8080 Assembly Language Programming
        Apple ][ Basic Programming Reference Manual
        Osborne's Apple ][ classic reference
        Dr. Dobbs z-80 Toolbook
        few Rainbow magazines.
        and a few SAMS 8080 bugbooks later rerouted to Joe

Everything cost a total of $ - .05. Yes, I made five cents on the trip.
Joe and I both wanted the Prolog analyzer so we flipped a coin for it. I
won *and* kept his nickel! ;-P Apparently, edicts from spouses forbid
heavy competition for the 'bulky stuff' and created a driven sales


While there, I was able to dump^h^h^h^htrade^h^h^h^h^hfind new homes for:

    SMS 1000 Model 50 pdp clone
    Commodore CBM 8032
    Heathkit H-89
    HP 150-II
    Intel 820a uScope
    Sun Dat Drive
    an Un-Rommed Exidy Rom Pac circut board.
    Sinclair 1500 & Carrier AC controller
    Grid OEM'd Norand Auto PC
    Timeworks tray for the Timex 1000

...and stuff that I couldn't even give away and had to pack back up at the
end of the half day:

    a few Olympia ETX-II computers
    Amiga 2000
    Robbie Robot
    Burroghs Calculator
    Micromodule rackable cardcage
    Kaypro 2
    Kaypro 4
    DecServer 200/mc
    a few Coco 2 computers

There were several Grid, Apple, IBM, HP computers, a few AT&T 3B2s, and
others, books, software, and test gear as well that I wasn't able to bring

I took a few digital pics and will post them shortly.

Thanks for hosting it Glen and let's do this again. Got new toys to play
with. Later!

- Mike: dogas_at_bellsouth.net
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