blank 11/16" paper tape rolls available.

From: Francesco Bonomi <>
Date: Mon Oct 1 17:40:38 2001

Hi all

If anyone is interested I have some rolls of paper tape available for
shipping cost, if anyone has a good use for them (i.e. anyone has a punch
in need of paper)

Must be rather standard, where used in a Telex, but due to my ignorance in
tape I will try to describe as precisely as possible.

Tape width 11/16" (ca 17.9 mm)
tape length: unknown (should I unroll one of them ?)
color (white-ish)

Rolls diameter abt 7"" (18 cm)
The "hole" of the rolls (about 2" or 5 cm in diameter) has a "square wave"
profile to be better mounted.

Anyone interested?

Only drawback: I am in Italy, shipping will not be cheap...

Received on Mon Oct 01 2001 - 17:40:38 BST

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