TRW finds, 8" floppies, 68k PC

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Mon Oct 1 18:07:28 2001

>Mike Ford skrev:
>>>>2 boxes of Maxell FD1 single sided, boxes are marked CPM/UG vol 1-50 and
>>>>1 box of Maxell FD1 single sided, box is marked PICO-NET.
>>>I know this sounds far-fetched, but I've got two 8" floppy drives named
>>>Piccolo made by Regnecentralen of Denmark. They're intended for a CP/M
>>>computer which I never got, apparently bearing the same name.
>>>I don't think they're "piccolo" at all, but I suppose that's just me. =/
>>>I wonder if there could be any connection...
>>Maybe they are for a Nambian system? Are they green?
>His floppies or my drives? The drives are mostly brown.

Nambians are always green so that rules that out.
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