Altair 8800a on EBAY

From: John Galt <>
Date: Mon Oct 1 19:29:58 2001

I see where you are coming from, but given the recent return of some of my
"real" investments, it's hard to imagine
this computer being any worse;)


George Phillips

Well, my "real" investments have not been doing
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> On Mon, 1 Oct 2001 18:40:02 -0400, John Galt wrote:
> #I have been considering buying one of these machines as an investment.
> #While I am a computer programmer by trade, I have no clue how to operate
> #or program one of these things which really does not matter since I would
> #be buying it as an investment.
> Well, if you are considering this as an investment, I would also consider
rubies, pork belly futures, penny
> stocks, and going to Las Vegas. You could call this an investment, but it
would really be nothing but a crap
> shoot. If we are seriously talking investments, this isn't it.
> There is no basis to assume anything about future value. Other forms of
antique electronics have not
> become that valuable. You can still buy a working Atwater-Kent radio for
a reasonable price.
> Anyone who follows eBay can tell you that prices go up and down. Most
have gone down in the last year.
> You can barely give away a Kaypro.
> So, buy it to enjoy it. Otherwise, I'd look to real investments to make
> Louis
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