TECO manuals

From: Roger Ivie <IVIE_at_cc.usu.edu>
Date: Tue Oct 2 17:45:11 2001

>> Anybody know of any online TECO manuals? I've got a set of
>> DECsystem-10 TECO manuals that I'll scan if they dont already
>> exist online....
>I'm not aware of any TECO manuals online, and I'm almost positive that there
>aren't any DECsystem-10 TECO manuals online. These would be a great

There's a bunch of TECO stuff over at
but I don't think there's a TECO-10 manual.

There is, however, a TECO-6 manual at

What I'm looking for is a piece of software called "Video TECO". It's
a fairly nice (from my limited perspective) full-screen TECO in C that
I used for some time under Ultrix. I still have a printout of the manual
somewhere, but I seem to have lost my copy of the sources and haven't
been able to find a site online containing it.

Roger Ivie
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