Semi OT: Radio Shack Armatron & May '85 issue of Radio-Electronics

From: Chris <>
Date: Wed Oct 3 06:53:14 2001

> I just now copied them and they are available at:
> I can hold them indefinitely (I control the server (486, so it's within
>the charter of this group 8-) and have plenty of disk space) but I would
>prefer they go someplace more appropriate than my digpile domain 8-)

Can you get pic 2,3 or 6 to open? I can't get them to work (your copy or
the originals) on either my Mac, or my winME machine.

If you can get them to open, can you either email them to me, or ftp them
to (drop them in the incoming directory... I already
have 1,4 and 5 there).

I would also be happy to permanently host them (although I don't know how
much more appropriate my domain is than yours... but either way). I can
also convert them to a single PDF if people want.



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