HP 9000/847S

From: Steve Robertson <steven_j_robertson_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Wed Oct 3 08:06:19 2001

I have HP/847S and found it to be a very effective space heater. Since I
wasn't particularily impressed with it's performance, I have opted to run a
smaller and more energy friendly HP/832.

I use my HPUX box(s) primarily as a database server (running APACHE, PERL,
and INFORMIX), application develpment using a Z80 cross assembler, and a
backup system for all my other "stuff". I have more trust in 9-track tapes
than other backup media.

As part of their Y2K support program, HP offered HPUX-10.2 as a free
upgrade. The upgrade package included everything you would need to get your
box up and running. As far as I know, the upgrade program has been

You can find release notes and installation instructions at:

As I recall, the basic install will give you licenses for two concurrent
users. Additional licenses can be activated by installing the license
upgrade. This requires a key to activate. The keys were provided by HP with
the upgrade based on the number of licenses the user had previously bought.
As with the software, those "Free" license upgrades are probably no longer

Some of the CDs included applications but, you need keys to install them. An
alternative is to download and install apps from the HPUX freeware site
(http://hpux.cs.utah.edu ).

Send me your address off list and I'll get a copy of the OS to you.
NOTE: You'll need a bootable CD player to install the software.

ALSO --- If any your disks already have an OS installed, there is a simple
way to circumvent the ROOT password.


>From: jarkko.teppo_at_er-grp.com
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>To: classiccmp_at_classiccmp.org
>Subject: HP 9000/847S
>Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2001 09:16:35 +0300
>I just picked up a 9K 847S, upgraded to H50 with two SCSI-buses, one mux
>panel, a few disks and 384MB of memory (hmmmmm...). I'm not sure on the
>ten year rule as I'm relatively clueless regarding this machine. This is
>my second PA-RISC machine and it seems refreshingly better than the 840.
>A few questions:
>a) Introduction date ?
>b) Where can I get HP-UX 10.x cheaply :)? (ie. for free)

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