Altair 8800a on EBAY

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Wed Oct 3 10:18:23 2001

>Though the "old computer" market has reflected little that resembles any
>sort of
>common sense. I can't imagine why you'd believe that an item, the supply of
>which is finite, and the demand for which seems to have grown steadily
>since its
>introduction, in spite of its qualitative aspects, (meaning I think it is,
>and always will be a bit of rubbish, but that's from where I sit) would
>in the future. Its value hasn't increased, but its price has. That's the way
>of things collectable. After a certain point, its technical merits are
>completely irrelevant. Think of it as a big, clunky, indian-head penny.
>I'd say your guesstimate of a decrease in the future is based more on wishful
>thinking than on a realistic view of the collectors' probable behavior.

I have no interest in owning one for myself, and base my guess on what has
happened in other collectible markets. I am guessing that a fair percentage
of ownership is now with "investors" as opposed to collectors, and that for
"most" collectors after a couple of years the excitement will wear off, and
they will be ready to sell with the first dip in the market price. How well
are the replicas selling?
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