Philips machines (and AMT DAPs)

From: jos.mar <>
Date: Wed Oct 3 16:11:18 2001

On Wed, 03 Oct 2001, you wrote:
> > Mr. Fox,
> From the machines mentioned in the subject: line, I would have guessed
> this message was partially aimed at me, athough I have never been called
> 'Fox' :-)....
> I do have a few P800 machines, and a fair amount of documentation for them.
> > I am looking for a P857 computer myself.
> Yes, I'd like an P856 or P857 as well if one ever turns up in the UK.
> It's the one main subseries I've not managed to track down yet...

Around 6 to 7 P856's / P857's were scrapped at my workplace around
 5 years ago. I saved one complete system and a few CPU and core boards .
The machines were used in production testing of watch IC's.

I did not have more room at the time, which is a shame because they where
nice, real blinken-light machines. Separate rows of switches and lights
for address and data, separate switches to select one of 16 cpu registers,

                                Jos Dreesen
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