Altair 8800a on EBAY

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Wed Oct 3 18:10:21 2001

On Oct 3, 13:54, Richard Erlacher wrote:

> e.g. th Alpha-Micro, which was
> reputed to be every bit competitive with the '11's. I don't know how
> compared in cost, however. The AM was "sort-of" S-100, in that it used
> memory, but I can't say whether it worked with other devices.
> The Alpha Micro was pretty sought-after among the lip-service, but I
never saw
> one in someone's possession.

I was offered one several years ago. I'm not sure of the configuration,
but the storage was 2 x 8" floppies and I think it was a lot cheaper than a
small PDP-11. Unfortunately, I didn't appreciate what I was looking at,
turned down the (free) offer, and apparently it ended up in a skip
(dumpster). Thank you for reminding me to kick myself :-)

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