Recently excavated - Dicomed 800868-00 "Color Controller Assembly" - any info?

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Wed Oct 3 22:38:39 2001

I picked up this box in a pile of Apple II stuff many years ago at the
local Uni surplus. It caught my eye because it was styled like an
Apple floppy drive and had a connector on the back like on my Sony 1310
monitor - an 8-pin olive-drab connector with large pins. There's also
one on the back of my Sony LDP-1500 laserdisc player. Anyway, it's
clear that this is some sort of display device, possibly a frame buffer.

It has a paddle-card for the Apple bus with a single 74LS373 on it.
Internally, it has 2 banks of 4164s (128KB), a wad of 74LS273s and
74LS299s, and an NEC D72200. I can find no evidence of any ROM. It's
100% socketed.

Any info out there on it?



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