need some advice on some VAX boards ...

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Thu Oct 4 00:53:05 2001

--- Gunther Schadow <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I might purchase some VAX boards for a good price, which I need
> to negotiate first and I need some help with finding out if I
> can use those in a VAX 6000-400 and/or -600 (XMI, VAXBI) machine.
> Here goes the list and following are specific questions
> T1010 DWBUA VAXBI-UNIBUS adapter (BI side)

Ooh! I need one of those. I have this 8200 here and two fried T1010
cards. They worked before the machine was moved here. I suspect
some sort of crimped cable or something. The same chip is damaged
and the same trace is *burned*, so it looks like unhealthy voltages
are present on the cables. That's easy to scope out, now that I know
not to just keep swapping tires until I find the flat. The first
was a fluke - the machine worked on the other side of town. The second
told me I have a serious problem (yes, I know, the _first_ one should
have told me that, but here we are).

> T1010 DWBUA VAXBI-UNIBUS adapter (BI side)
> - what cab-kit assembly is needed, is this something extremely
> hard to find? Can you give a model number for the cab-kit so
> I might find it somewhere?

I don't know what the cab kit's DEC part number is, but it's four
ribbon cables, a paddle card for the head of the Unibus and a Unibus
Exerciser/Terminator (not just a simple terminator). I know it's not
spec'ed for larger VAXen because of the latency between the
CPU and the Unibus when you have things like an XMI in the way. It
did work with NI machines and direct BI machines (like my 8200). I
do not recall what the largest/newest machine was that could take it.

I wouldn't pay more than $50 for just the card.

> - I might want that because I plan to have a UNIBUS cabinet
> besides a VAX 11/780 in the near future. I could kind of
> swap the Unibus between the two machines. And I could use
> the UNIBUS frame buffer set that I might also get sometime.

> - and what are RD drives? Old junk? Are those available?

RD50 - ST506
RD51 - ST412
RD52 - Quantum 540?
RD53 - Micropolis 1335
RD54 - Maxtor XT2190
RD31 - ST225
RD32 - ST241-1
(there's a couple more I forget what they are).

Common on MicroVAXen, Rainbows, DECmates, and DEC Professional boxes

> How are they connected to the KFBTA?

No idea.

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