IBM ROM BASIC or lack thereof

From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Thu Oct 4 09:07:48 2001

Loboyko Steve skrev:

>soldered it when I was broke in college. The BIOS it
>came with wasn't very PC compatible. So (and I'm not
>making any excuses for this..) I wrote a program in
>disk based GW-BASIC (I actually BOUGHT it) that looked
>like it did something when in reality it was writing
>2048K ROM images of the BIOS and BASIC ROMS of a real
>IBM PC to floppy. I took it to an IBM store (IBM had
>"stores" then) and told the salesman that I wanted to
>know if my program would really run on an IBM PC/XT. I
>ran it, it "worked", I said, "thank you very much",
>went to work, blew the EPROMS, stuffed 'em in my

LOL! That's so absolutely twisted! And a great story!
But how did you get 2048K onto a floppy? And are IBM BIOSes really that big?
Not even Amiga ROMs are that big, and the Atari fits an entire WIMP OS into a
128 K ROM.

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