Scrapping Tektronix 4695 (was Re: Scrapping LA100 & Diablo printers)

From: Chris <>
Date: Thu Oct 4 12:40:33 2001

>Sometimes a network connection, even old slow LocalTalk is the most
>convient thing to use.

Up until the power supply blew on my Powerbook... I always carried this
little pair of Farallon adaptors for localtalk. They were single RJ-11
connectors that plugged into the printer port (basically a standard
teletalk connector, but the 2nd port was permanently terminated). They
took almost no space (about an inch square for the pair), and almost no
weight (maybe an ounce for the pair), and used my already carried modem's
phone cord to connect between.

I think hardly a meeting went by that I didn't use them to transfer files
to someone else's computer. Localtalk was always pleanty fast for moving
a few word files or a powerpoint presentation... and used WAY less
battery power than the IR port (and was easier to use, as I had a
Powerbook 1400 which used apple's crappy slow IR protocol, most other
people had nicer, newer ones that used IRda, and although could "dumb
down" to apple's, it just sucked).


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