OT Understanding Rant

From: Chuck McManis <cmcmanis_at_mcmanis.com>
Date: Thu Oct 4 14:46:13 2001

At 09:59 AM 10/4/01, Andy wrote:
> >>>> start of OT rant
>Although I like to be able to know about the "inside" of things, I am not
>convinced that it is possible to have anything more than a simplistic view
>(or even that much) for some things. GSM phones are, at best, borderline.
>DAB ("Digital Radio") seems to have gone to the level where only a very
>small proportion of the population (possibly less than a few thousand people
>worldwide) can really and accurately claim to fully understand how it

Andy, anyone with a brain, the ability to read, and sufficient time should
be able to "fully understand how it works." This may take more time than it
is worth but it should be do-able. If anyone asks you to buy, or offers to
give you, technology for which it is impossible to get thorough
descriptions of their operation. Then the prudent thing is to decline the
technology. However, while good in theory, in practice people have to pick
and choose the technology providers they trust. If the new US
Anti-terrorist bill, otherwise known as the American KGB implementation
act, passes I expect that all rental cars will be equipped with "satellite"
capable radios that will transmit into a continuously recording mechanism
all sounds that occur in the car.*

However, for us, a good definition of "Classic" computers, is one for which
the documentation can be obtained. So as newer, and more proprietary
systems reach the '10 year rule' it suggests we need to revisit the
definitions ;-) I'm in favor or starting "20thcenturycmp" as a nice easy to
define, won't change list.


* but the recordings will only be used in court if they can get a warrant
to use them as evidence, otherwise they will be used to get you to produce
evidence that can be used in court.
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