Cold/Hot storage of computers -- OK?

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Thu Oct 4 12:36:24 2001

On Oct 4, 11:48, wrote:
> Most halfway modern things have environmental criteria for when it's
> and when it's off. For humidity, I've seen the storage range be from
> noncondensing and temp range from 0F-110F when not running. I'm running
> of space as well finally, but will not store things in the roof.

The key word in there is "noncondensing", which isn't likely to be the case
part of the time, unless you do something about it. Corrosion could be a
real problem. The easiest way to deal with it is to ensure that the loft
is ventilated, but a better way would be to use a dehumidifier. They're
not too expensive to run (at least, not compared to heating or air
conditioning) and you could run a short drain hose out of the dehumidifier
and out of the loft to dispose of the water.

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> > Since I am rapidly exhausting all space in my basement workshop, I
need to
> > move some of my computers to the loft above our garage. The problem
> the
> > garage is completely UNinsulated, and has only a metal roof (i.e.,
> and
> > NO resistance to temperature -- hot or cold).

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