IBM ROM BASIC or lack thereof

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Date: Thu Oct 4 17:48:54 2001

On 03-Oct-2001 Tony Duell wrote:
> [How I diagnosed a fault in an IBM floppy controller by sending it
> commands from ROM BASIC and seeing what the signals did]
>> You, sir, are, and I mean this in the best possible way, INSANE. I am
>> in
>> awe
> The first time I was called 'insane' (or 'mad') was about 20 years ago.
> I can't remember what I was doing, but it would have been
> computer-hardware related.... I've got used to it by now (and I am
> still doing mad things with computers :-)).

Like I said, I'm in awe. While technically, I have sufficient hardware
training to pull a stunt like that off, I've worked on software most of my
professional life. Call me jelous, I supose.

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