houston (mostly DEC) garage sale/giveaway

From: no <oliv555_at_arrl.net>
Date: Thu Oct 4 19:09:36 2001

My acquisition rate has exceeded my storage capacity so am making the
following available to list members pre-eBay. Bigger items to Houston
 area only, (no shipping at this time).

 All items in working condition unless otherwise noted.

IBM RS/6000 7012-370;aix3.x, kb, mouse, no key, FREE
       no pwd,1gb hd, fdd, xtra boards, vid cable

DEC PDP 11/73; ba23, m8190ab, m8637dh, rx33, rqdx3 $100
       rlv21,dhq11, rd52(doa), rt11 v5.4d kit

RA81 logic bd; cond ? FREE
ACT-10340 qniverter $10
mvII cpu+mem; m7606af, m7608bp $5
mvII cpu+2mem; m7606et, m7609ah, m7609ap $10
dssi m7769;s-handle $10

MAC 6100/66; w/DOS board, kbrd, mouse FREE
MAC 6100/66, not working FREE

DEC ba23 cabinet, unpopulated FREE
DEC ba213 cab, unpopulated FREE
DEC sz-12 storage expansion; rz55 FREE
DEC Ext Strage box, rz56 FREE

Vaxstation 4000/model 60;no hd $25
Vaxstation 3100/m76 SPX; vms6.x $25
Vaxstation 3100/m76 SPX $20
Microvax 3100/20e; vms $20
Infoserver 100; rz23(2)rrd.. $10
VT420 / LK401 $10

-nick o
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