IBM ROM BASIC or lack thereof

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Thu Oct 4 20:01:04 2001

> > >What I mean to say is: Suzy Six-pack, who ekes out a living typing up MS
>> >Word documents, doesn't know shit about the internals of the machine she
>> >uses.
>> But Glen, that's why there are Macs.
>I very much hope you aren't implying that Mac users don't know what's going
>on with their machines.

        I would imagine that most of the Mac users on this list
probably know a bit more about the inner machine than the average
user though, but that would also go for the PC users on this list as
well. My experience is that the average user doesn't really care
what makes the machine work...they just want to be able to turn it on
and play Solitare or whatever.....

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