need some advice on some VAX boards ...

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Thu Oct 4 21:17:26 2001

--- Dave McGuire <> wrote:
> On October 3, Ethan Dicks wrote:
> > RD31 - ST225
> > RD32 - ST241-1
> Just a nit...the RD32 is an ST251...

Oops... I knew that.

> ...not a -1 model.

I thought that it specifically _was_ the -1. I _think_ I have a DEC-
badged RD-32 (ST-252-1) from a Pro380 VAX 8530 console, but I might
be mistaken. Maybe they got what they could get in later years.

> The ST251 had an average access time of 40ms (if memory serves) and
> the ST251-1 was 28.5ms.

That sounds right. Stepper motor vs. voice coil. (The ST-225 was
something horrible like 65ms or more; I used to think seek-time didn't
matter much on a micro, but when I went from 65ms to 28 on my Amiga,


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