Is there a source for veroboard in the U.S.?

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Thu Oct 4 22:04:08 2001

I wanted to bang out a quick thing involving bussed lines (an LED display
for a Dragon's Lair game, if you're curious). I thought it might be
quick to do with veroboard as opposed to point-to-point wiring. I want
to make a prototype before considering burning a board (since that's a
weakness I have at the moment anyway - lack of knowledge about layout
tools). The problem is that I haven't seen veroboard for sale in the
States, only the U.K. and perhaps Western Europe. Here, we have
lots of modular prototyping board, but it's not easy to use when you
have a lot of parallel connections (like a data bus).

Are there any sources on this side of the pond? If not, how much does
a sheet of about 6"x9" cost? If it's too expensive to buy and ship, I
have several square feet of plain blue perfboard I got from the Micro
Center when they put all their hobbyist stuff on remainder, and I'll
build it from scratch.

I went to school in England in 1985 - New College, specifically, down the
street from Blackwell's Books. I spent many hours there absorbing
everything I could about hardware hacking (not having the budget to _buy_
the books - the Turf Tavern was closer to the gate ;-) I remember a
couple books with do-it-yourself projects using veroboard. Now I wish I'd
gotten more books and less beer (but it was _great_ beer) :-)

Any veroboard pointers?



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