Dec ribbon, scsi cable

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Fri Oct 5 00:42:38 2001

Looks like a 50 pin ribbon, one end is a D shape female with 3 rows, other
end is split with two two row female typical ribbon connections. Label says
Digital p/n 17-01098-4 (second one is -5), Rev C ECO d01, mfg Phoenix Elec.
I have two, need zero.

Looks like a high density 68 pin scsi connector on each end, one is 45
degree, marked CBL 0300 or something like that. Have 1, could get maybe a
couple more, need zero (but it is a cool cable maybe some day I might need).

SoCal only, box of Digital Ultrix binders.
Received on Fri Oct 05 2001 - 00:42:38 BST

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