Oddball memory (?) sticks....

From: Iggy Drougge <optimus_at_canit.se>
Date: Fri Oct 5 20:00:56 2001

David Woyciesjes skrev:

>Another 'whats-it' question here. I have two kinds of, what look like 72-pin
> The first is only 64 pin, has 8 chips (AAA1M300J-08 NMBS 9122),
>with an empty spot for a 9th chip. Printed on the back - "1X964P A (in a
>circle) 9115". Apparently made by Microtech. My guess is it's 1MB non-parity
>memory, but I don't know what uses 64 pin memory sticks. I have 4 of these

I know of three machines which use 64-pin SIMMs: GVP Amiga accelerators, Mac
IIfx and certain AST 486es. Possibly some Apple laser printers, too.

> The second is 68 pin, 2 chip memory. Printed on the back, they're
>made in 1994, in the USA, by Cubig Inc. Model number (I think) of VM512K.
>512KB memory sticks? Have 3 of them...

> Anyone have an idea what these are, and what they're for?


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