IBM ROM BASIC or lack thereof

From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Fri Oct 5 21:54:15 2001

Tony Duell skrev:

>> >> seldom seen any without properly labeled ports.
>> >Didn't we go through this a few weeks back? When some of us posted about
>> >connectors found on ISA slot covers, and others guessed what they were?
>> Yep. It seems as though a few "elite hackers" still aren't convinced, tho=
>> ugh.

>Are you suggesting I like unlabelled ports? Because I can assure
>everybody that I much prefer proper labelling...

No, I was rather referring to those who make fun of people with labelled

>> Speaking of quadrature and improperly labelled ports, why do HP call thei=
>> r
>> PS/2 mouse to HIL adapter "quadrature adapter"? The quadrature ends befor=
>> e it
>> even goes out of the mouse and onto the cable.

>And the mouse signals on the HP-HIL cable are not quadrature ones either.

Exactly. It's a serial bus. You can't get farther from quadrature.

>It's not as if the adapter takes the PS2 protocol, undoes the damage, and
>gives you the quadrature signals back again.

No, that sounds overtly involved.

>> >> Are you going to set up your computer by trial-or-error?
>> >Well, it ensures that people who can change buffer chips will always fin=
>> d
>> >a job after some idiot plugs a printer cable into a DB25-S RS232 port....
>> IMO he wouldn't be an idiot if the port wasn't labeled as an RS-232 port.

>You said 'trial and error', which I took to mean something like 'Oh look,
>this cable fits that (RS232) port at one end and the back of the printer
>at the other. Let's use it for that'. Exit magic smoke...

Well, if ports aren't labelled, there is no real way to find out.
It's all very simple if you've only every operated within the IBM PC context
within the last three years or so, but we established in the last thread that
there were a lot of devices which would let out magic smoke if connected to
your PC just on the basis of form factors.

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