6502 BASIC or Assembler and Intel 8271/WDC 1770 info req'd

From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Sat Oct 6 09:36:21 2001

I've got 1770's and 1772s, as well as 1771's and 1793/5's yet I'd put the effort
into using a WD37C65, since it requires so much less work in the hardware. It
has the data/clock separator and write precomp circuitry built-in and is
designed to drive the FD cables directly. It's internally a uPD765 and since
there's lots of sample code for that, you should have no trouble using it. The
only thing you have to do is handle the clock differences for 8", 5-/4", and
3-1/2" drives. IF you leave the 8" drives out of the equation, and I see no
reason to include them, it should be dirt-simple.

I may be confused about this, but wasn't the 8271 just a rebadged WD1771? If
so, I do have some sample code for that in 6502 assembler. Email me off-list
and I'll attach it for you.


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Subject: 6502 BASIC or Assembler and Intel 8271/WDC 1770 info req'd

> Hi,
> I'm building myself a 6502-based single-board computer, with the aim of
> running it off a 4.8V NiMH or NiCad battery pack. But I've got a problem. I
> need a programming language for it. Aparrently there were many BASIC
> interpreters sold for the Synertek SYM-1 (aka SY-VIM-1), MOS KIM-1 and
> Rockwell AIM-65. Anyone know what happened to the companies that produced
> these? Ideally I'd like the source code for a 6502 BASIC interpreter, but
> binary code would be OK too. The SBC will communicate via a small LCD panel,
> RS232 (so I can hook it up to a "dumb terminal") and will have a hexadecimal
> keypad and an optional hard drive, too. Anyone care to make any suggestions
> (or submit some code)?
> BTW, I also need some info on the Intel 8271 disk controller - I've got two
> of these little devils and Intel's datasheet makes absolutely no sense at
> all. I've also got a Western Digital WD1770-PH 00-02 that I might be able to
> use instead. First of all, which is the better controller? The 8271 or the
> 1770? Also, is it possible to overclock a 1770 or an 8271 like you can a
> 1772?
> I'd love some schematics and/or some source code. I really don't fancy
> disassembling Acorn's 8271 DFS and Watford Electronics' 1770 DFS...
> Thanks.
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> Phil.
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