CBM8032 - wobbly screen (The saga continues)

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> call "mu-Metal", which is a special alloy of steel and other things i
> have long
> forgotten but that make it EXPENSIVE.
> It is magnetic, but not a good conductor, which make it ideal for
> shielding magnetic
> fields

Mu metal should be easily scroungable. It is the shielding on old large
graphic monitors, Convergent "N"gens and many other pieces of electronic
gear. Often found around CRTs and CPUs. Tektronix used a lot of it.

It is soft and usually a dull gray although sometimes silvery. Occasionally
it shows a crystal type surface. It is magnetic and not a good conductor.

It is expensive new. We got up to $5 per pound for it, scrap, at one time.

Astoria, OR
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