CBM8032 - wobbly screen (The saga continues)

From: Charles E. Fox <foxvideo_at_wincom.net>
Date: Sun Oct 7 07:08:49 2001

At 02:14 AM 07/10/2001 +0100, you wrote:
Cheers, Ade.
>Be where it's at, B-Racing!

         Just by chance, do you have space to rotate the transformer? Back
in 1950, when I was getting into TV repair, Ontario power grid was on 25
Hz! We had people bringing in 60 Hz TV sets from the US and asking us to
convert them to operate here. Also 25 Hz transformers were longer, which
raised them closer to the crt neck. Solutions included making an external
power supply, raising the chassis on stilts and putting the transformer
below, or sometimes if we were lucky, we could rotate the transformer
about 45 degrees and get away with it.

                 Good luck

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