Grappler+ printer interface

From: Philip Stephens <>
Date: Sun Oct 7 16:18:04 2001

  I realise this may not be the best forum to ask this question, but the
emulator newsgroups seem to be pretty much dead.

  I'm updating an Apple ][+ emulator that I wrote back in 1994. I would
very much like to emulate a printer interface card, such as the Grappler+,
but I never owned a printer for the Apple ][+ I still have at home, so I
don't have a printer interface card that I can study.

  So...I was wondering if anyone on this mailing list happens to own an
Apple ][ with a printer interface card like the Grappler+, who would be
willing to dump the ROM(s) and provide me with details of the I/O locations

  I realise some of you may be against distributing ROM code on the basis of
copyright (I personally feel that discontinued products don't deserve
copyright protection, though I realise the law says otherwise). If nobody
is willing to provide me with ROM code for a printer interface card, I'll
settle for a description of the I/O locations and any other information you
can give me on the operation of the printer interface card, and I'll write
my own "clean room" version of the ROM instead.

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