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Date: Sun Oct 7 17:04:33 2001

On Oct 7, 16:50, ajp166 wrote:
> Beats me what that drive is. This is a group for hardware over 10 years
> old.
> If it is that old you likely going to be fixing it yourself.

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> >I have a Hard Drive model P1200-2af. I need to know where can I send it
> to
> >get it fix or replace. It just stop working.

It's a nothing-special 1.2GB IDE drive with a bad reputation, made by JTS.
 JTS are no more, so the only likely option is to replace it with a
Seagate, WD, or whatever.

JTS were famous for, amongst other things, buying part of Atari from the
Tramiel family, laying off a lot of staff, and then selling it to Hasbro
shortly after being de-listed by the stock exchange and shortly before
going bust in 1998.

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