6502 BASIC or Assembler and Intel 8271/WDC 1770 info req'd

From: Eric Dittman <dittman_at_dittman.net>
Date: Sun Oct 7 22:21:04 2001

> > > > The only Model 1/III/4 that came stock with DS drives was the 4D. Any other
> > > > DS setup was third-party. The stock III/4 controllers (both the add-on in
> > > > the III and early 4 and the built-in on the gate-array 4) had no problems
> > > > with DS drives.
> IIRC, RS used pin 32 as drive select 3 (the fourth drive), although most
> everyone else used it as side select for double sided drives. Since RS
> used "missing pins in the cable" for drive select, and shorted pins
> 10,12,14, and 32 together on each drive, ...
> If you used aftermarket stuff, it was no big deal. But if you used almost
> all RS stuff, then it would require a jumper wire on the controller to
> connect side select instead of DS3 to pin 32, a non RS cable, NOT using 4
> drives on the cable, and cutting traces on all RS drives on that cable to
> do drive select at the drive instead of in the cable (at least for DS3)

This was only on the Model I. The Model III and 4 didn't have this problem.
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