old computer sounds

From: John Foust <jfoust_at_threedee.com>
Date: Mon Oct 8 19:26:06 2001

At 12:57 AM 10/5/01 -0400, Absurdly Obtuse wrote:
>I *love* that sound. Another good one is the IBM WDA-105. That was a
>nice-sounding drive. Another melodic one. Only 5 megs though.

This weekend in the cheesy Sunday paper magazine there was a story
of an old guy who records the sounds of machines gone by:
trains, trucks, saws, etc.

Is someone out there making recordings of old computers?
I certainly daydreamed about adding sound to an emulator,
so you could hear the clunk-clunk of an eight-inch floppy
drive... I would guess that the recording requirements
might be quite high: some old sounds have some very high,
very low or very quiet components.

For that matter, video recordings of old computers booting
or running a classic program record the elements of *time*
and screen characteristics that may be lost in an emulator
running at 1000x speed on a PC.

- John
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