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From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Mon Oct 8 21:44:56 2001

I found this on USENET. Interesting?

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DAVID L. ORMAND <> at Arizona State


I know this isn't quite the forum for this, but maybe there are
old computer types out there (mainframe hobbyists?) who would be
interested. I've rescued a practically new-in-box Visual 50,
which is an ASCII RS232 terminal with your classic green CRT look.
It handles VT52 and ADM3A protocols. Includes operator's and
maintenance manuals (with schematics!). I've tried it out and it
works fine. I don't want anything but the shipping to a good home
from Tucson, 85711.

En ligne avec Thor 2.6a.
About 15 years ago(in 1984), I played many time HYDLIDE like monkey's self-
acting! HaHaHa!! Here in Nippon(Japan), many many MSX Freak played HYDLIDE
1/2/3 on MSX1/2. Perhaps, also you like HYDLIDE series!!!
  K. Ikeda, MSX-Print
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