OT: Has anybody used the "ABC" AVR Basic Controller?

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net>
Date: Tue Oct 9 09:17:58 2001


   I haven't worked with the AVR stuff but I have a book that goes into
good detail on them. It's the "Handbook of Microcontrollers" by Myke
Predko. I'll loan it to you if you need it. There are some resources on
the net that you might try, to join the List server send a message to
Atmel-request_at_pic.co.za with "JOIN" in the body. there are acouple of
related web sites at www.ipc.o.ca/people/kalle/atmel.html and
www.sistudio.com and www.dsontronics.com.


At 07:25 AM 10/9/01 -0600, you wrote:
>I recently acquired an AVR Basic Microcontroller "Maxi Board" which is an
>applicaton of the AVR 90S8535 MCU with a number of potentially useful
>However, it's got the worst set of documents that I've ever seen published
>what should be a substantial product of its type. It has errors, it lacks
>description elements, e.g. which CPU pin drives which connector pin, etc.
>They lon longer, however, make the board I have, and, as a result, I'm hoping
>that the "real" doc's have simply been replaced by the ones for their current
>model. I'm certainly not going to buy one of their current products if this
>one's doc is representative of what they produce.
>Any info directrly acquired from dealing with the board mfg's (Investment
>Technologies, in AU) that you can share would be appreciated.
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