ArcNet and the Pursuit of Multiple Topologies

From: Tarsi <>
Date: Tue Oct 9 12:50:01 2001

Dear all,

I've decided that one of my goals is to run every networking topology
possible in my house, regardless if I actually NEED to run them or not. :)

My plan is to place 1 linux box running a card from each topology in it and
use that to bridge all (or almost all) topologies.

I currently have running 10bT ethernet, 10b2 ethernet, Localtalk over
PhoneNET and the beginnings of Arcnet.

In light of such, I have a series of questions:

1) Who knows some stuff about ArcNet? I've gotten 4 cards (8-bit ISA) and a
16-port active hub. I've read somewhere that cards are either hubbable or
not. Any other info on that?

2) Anyone have any (I think it is) 93ohm coax arcnet patch cables that they
want to get rid of?

3) Anyone got good resources on ThickNET? (10b5 I think it is?) I know it
was run back in the day, and I know some precursory things about it (the
funky vampire taps, etc.) Anyone have either resources or hardware on this
topology that they'd like to share/sell/etc? :)

4) Any other interesting topologies I should try? I have plans to do:
Arcnet, FDDI, Token ring, Localtalk, 10b2, 10b5, 10bT, 10bTX, 10bFiber, and
(eventually) 802.11b wireless.

Thanks folks!


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