ArcNet and the Pursuit of Multiple Topologies

From: Chris <>
Date: Tue Oct 9 17:03:08 2001

>4) Any other interesting topologies I should try? I have plans to do:
>Arcnet, FDDI, Token ring, Localtalk, 10b2, 10b5, 10bT, 10bTX, 10bFiber, and
>(eventually) 802.11b wireless.

If you decide to do TokenRing, and need some cards... let me know... I
have 3 box loads of them up for grabs (just pay shipping). I have ISA,
Microchannel, and I think I might have had a PCI in there somewhere. I
already got rid of the EISA ones. Oh, and I might have an HP Jetdirect
card for TokenRing. Sorry, I have no hubs (they used hubs of a sort
right?) or cables.

And you forgot to list on your list of topologies SneakerNet, unless you
never run anything around your house by foot.


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